The Beauty of La Union

It was never my intention to travel this beautiful place because I was so fixated in visiting Visayas and Mindanao. I want to travel as much as I can and if time permits for me to be able to explore and go roundabout places. I mean life is short thus it needs to be lived. Then again this friend of mine just pm’ed me in random to go somewhere north. I thought it’s going to be Vigan or whatnot but she said that her sister just went to this coolest place north and we should go and try it ourselves. So okay since I’m the kaladkarin type I went ahead and give my go signal and then she go about having it scheduled. I was so excited because this will be my first quarter travel. I mean with all the work and stuffs, yep I am definitely travelling. Lolol!

Then came the day of our trip and I can tell you we travel light. Just the necessary since we will take the bus and all and we don’t want to carry stuffs that’s not important. I am not maarte naman e. So there.

We rode Partas bus in Pasay city. When we got there around 5:30 AM we went to the terminal and ask how to get there. The employees at Partas were nice people and have us booked in no time. So there goes bus going to Abra and thus we paid only 600 something pesos going to San Juan La union. Our bus trip is a 6hr ride but the thing is it’s comfortable inside and that bus signs says we’re passing TPLEX. Which will make travel time more easy and less hassle. We only got 1 stopover at Sison, Pangasinan. (to the horror of my urinary system) Lol! But all in all it was a fun, safe and comfy ride. Love Partas. They even manage to stop at our hostel and told us to take care.

Then here we are at Flotsam and Jetsam hostel. We will be spending our 3 days and 2 nights here. I mean how cool was that. So since I’m so excited to share my impression about this hostel, tell you what its super awesome and I mean it. If your like an artsy, classy, cutesy, sporty and into millennial thingy this is the place to be. CAMERA

This picture above is the back of FJ. Here lies there infamous eating shack in which at night is a boho type party place to be. Yes, its more like a party. So if you ever been to Bora this place sets the Bora mood. Sounds, booze, lights and cool ambience. You can get the bar type and coffee shop feels combine. At the morning you will see millennials or guests waking up early for their free breakfast then off to go surf. Yep! Surf! In front of this is the a very beautiful view of the beach. 2017_0218_130757_016.JPG

I want to share with you photos inside the hostel. I’m telling you its so cutesy and artsy.

2017_0218_130346_001.JPG 2017_0218_130413_004.JPG







Wandering about San Juan we went outside to try local establishments. We thought FJ will supply our breakfast but we have to try establishments around it. And I found my favorite. TAGPUAN!!! I mean there are lots of food establishments but this is my favorite. Super affordable and yummy. Compare to others who are pricey, its like I ate at a restaurant


here in Manila price. But here at Tagpuan it is something. Its a recovery food altogether the reason why a lot of people and surfers lined up. 20170218_185702.jpg



I must tell we have no itinerary lined up for us. So we explore. One of the highlights we went to is Tangadan Falls. We hike for 2 hours going, and another 2 hours back. So imagine the pain in our legs. But its definitely worth it. To go there we rode a jeepney gong to San Gabriel paid 10 pesos then once we were there at the municipal we have to pay 30 0r 35 pesos to visit and a tour guide will assist you. It cost us 500 to pay for our guide since its just the 2 of us. We also rode a tricycle going to the starting line of our trek which costs us 40 pesos. Going back our guide give us a ride from his motorcycle.








So if ever you visit Tangadan falls pls use slippers instead. Its muddy and slippery and you’ll also come crossing to streams. Bring water its really important. And just enjoy the view it really priceless.

For me I promise myself that I’ll definitely go back to this place. It’s full of beauty and sights I need to see and experience. I was glad that I got to visit this place out of randomness.